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2021 Top Prospect Sale

Visit us at the Top Prospect Boer Goat Sale this Year!

  • Scurr Bros. lots are below

  • Fullblood & Percentage Boer Does, and Full Blood Bucks will be for sale

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Lot #1 - Scurr Bros. Twix

94% Doe | 12/7/2020 | 2x2 Teets


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We are starting off the sale with a paint doe we are really excited about. TRIPLE bred Chicken On A Chain *Ennobled* doe, and it’s really no surprise she is a paint. As many of you know, we had a pretty cold winter here in Iowa. Anyone that has had a paint on their farm during a cold winter knows that light winter coat will be shedding before too long. And this doe will be a deep mahogany red. We think this doe has a really bright future. Don’t get caught sitting on your hands, just because this doe starts off the sale.


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Lot #18 - Scurr Bros. Passionate Chick 

Fullblood Doe | 9/11/2020 | 1x1 Teets


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Passionate Chick.PNG

Passionate Chick as her name implies, is a MADI Passion In My Pants *Ennobled* daughter over a Chicken On A Chain *Ennobled* son. We think we hit it out of the park with this pairing. As a added plus, Passionate Chick’s dam is a black head traditional doe, with black goats in her genetics. We love the mass, bone, and presence that this doe possesses. We truly feel she may be one of the best does we have bred to date.


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Lot #31 - Scurr Bros. Snow Flurry 

87.5% Doe | 10/22/2019 | 2x2 Teets


Are you looking for a doe with a really big frame? Snow Flurry will be a big doe when she matures. Very rarely do we offer kids out of this maternal line, I could talk about what her dam has done for our program for days. This does sire GJT1 H6 Dynamite Shack sells as Lot #62. Talk about a mix of old and new genetics.


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Lot #46 - Scurr Bros. Dark Side's Dallas 

75% Doe | 10/24/2019 | 1x1 Teets


Dallas 3.JPG

Dallas is simply put a big broody percentage doe, that will be an outstanding producer for her new owner. She was born a triplet, and raised by her dam as a triplet with no assistance. Her dam consistently raises solid black, and black traditional does year after year bred to a traditional buck. We have retained 6 of her full sisters over the years. We think this doe will do great things for her new owner.


Lot #62 - GJT1 H6 Dynamite Shack 

Fullblood Buck | 2/19/2018



Proven herd sire in his prime at just 3 years old. Dynamite Shack was bred by Joshua Tabler in Arkansas. Sired by 2M Boer Goats Armed Force *Ennobled*, and out of an outstanding doe GJT1 Absolutely Stunning. We have bred Dynamite Shack heavily over the last 3 years and have retained many of his daughters. Additionally, we have retained one of his sons, Scurr Bros. Mamba Mentality. We feel it is time for him to be able to elevate another herd, while he is still in his prime. He is the sire to lots #31 and #91, and sire to the dam of lot #1. Bid with confidence on this big guy.

Lot #79 - Scurr Bros. Pepper (10866354) OR Scurr Bros. Copper (10866353) 


87.5% Doe | 02/05/2021


This lot is being sold with the highest bidder getting to purchase one of the two twin doelings. We are offering the choice to pick between the two.  

Pepper (solid black) and Copper (solid brown) are the first kids to be offered out of our newest herd sire TKLEV ReBar Ranch Tom The Cat (10837321) a solid black stud buck. His pedigree includes Popeye and Ruger’s Evolution. Pepper and Copper’s dam is a solid black doe. For all the color enthusiast we think this is a really great opportunity. These two doelings may be a little young, but we know that junior exhibitors like to show younger doelings, and start bonding with their project early. Pepper is 2x2 with one side being around 50% split, and Copper is 2x1 with high kickers.



Lot #91 - Scurr Bros. Blossom 

87.5% Doe | 4/1/2020 | 2x2



Blossom is a really nice traditional percentage doe. She is sired by GJT1 H6 Dynamite Shack who sells as lot #62. This doe is a double bred Chicken On A Chain *Ennobled*. Blossom comes from a maternal line that is know on our farm for making really nice bags and producing tons of milk for their kids. I am confident when the time comes to put Blossom in the breeding pen, she will be a great mother.