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Grand Chamption Wether - 

      2018 Tall Corn Open Show 2

      on Aug 4th 


A wether sold by Scurr Bros. at the 2018 Tall Corn Sale. Congrats Kylea Greve!

Champion Rate of Gain - 

      2015 Tall Corn Show


A wether sold by Scurr Bros. at the 2015 Tall Corn Sale earned Champion Rate of Gain.

Scurr Bros. Boer Goats

​        Scurr Bros. Meat Goats is a family operation that started in 2007. As the name ScurrBros. implies, it all starts with the two brothers Blake and Clayton Scurr. However, this operation includes so much more than the two of us. Three generations of our family are involved, as both our parents, Joe and Connie and our grandparents are integral parts of our operation. Our goats spend 50% of the year at our grandparent’s farm a few miles south of Laurel, Iowa in Marshall County. The other 50% of the time they are at our other grandparent’s farm east of Gilman, Iowa in Tama County.

        We converted a hog confinement into a goat kidding facility as an animal science project, which is where our bred does spend the winter months during kidding season. Our herd currently stands at 40 bred does and 3 bucks.  The majority of our herd is made up of percentage does but we have 15 full blood does, as well.

        We have been showing goats around the state of Iowa through 4-H and other open shows for 11 years now along with selling wethers and does to others to raise and show. Over those years we have been fortunate enough to have some success in the show ring and look forward to the years to come. We love getting to meet new people across the state who are as excited about the meat goat industry as we are and do all that we can to help promote it.

Scurr Bros. Boer Goats           


Grinnell, Iowa 50112                                          Contact us by phone:

Emailscurrbros@gmail.com                              Blake- (641) -990 - 9981

Website: scurrbrosboergoats.com                    Clayton- (641) -990 - 9300          


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